“Building relationships and building your network takes time, and it takes consistent nurturing…You must help others!”
- Emmy M. Vickers


Q1: What was your motivation to begin public speaking and coaching?
I was very shy when I started my first business. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because of shyness, fear, lack of education and a lack of guidance. I personally did not know about networking – what it was or how to do it. I also did not have a real plan to follow and lastly, I did not have coaches until much later in business. These are just a few of the many reasons why years ago I began public speaking and coaching; to teach others a more efficient way to grow their businesses. Over the years I have built my tool chest. As I learned more about business, coaches, networking, and law of attraction, I saw first-hand why business owners, professionals, and sales people were not doing well in their business. I don’t want people to give up on their passions and dreams. You can do anything you want in life…you must have a team; you must see it, believe it and be a giver to others! Coaches help you to be accountable, keep you motivated, and assist you in moving forward through education. Continuous education is the key. I am teaching from experience AND education.
Q2: What types of clients does Emmy Vickers Enterprises cater to?
We love the fact that because of what we do, we cater to many different types of companies and individuals. We specialize in training new Entrepreneurs/CEO’s/and companies with sale forces that are looking to grow their clientele, circle of influences, and referral sources. We also assist those individuals that do not have a business, but have big dreams/goals and they want to learn how to better network and how to better attract what they wish for. Lastly, we work with non-profits, meetup networking groups, community organizations who are struggling with growing their team or struggling with getting the teams’ commitment and doing.
Q3: What exactly is the 6 Step Process for Attending Any Networking Event?

The 6 Step Process for Attending Any Networking Event is a process that I developed after years of being in business; observing and surveying what professionals were doing correctly and incorrectly at networking events. It breaks my heart to hear company owners, sales people, and real estate agents say to me “I am going to so many networking events I am not making good connections and I’m losing time and money attending so many events.” This process takes you from when you decide you want to attend a networking event all the way through to the follow-up stage. It is a step-by-step process on how to attend any kind of event, especially a networking event. In our 3-month and 1-year coaching programs, I actually attend events with my clients. This is a very unique service not being offered elsewhere.

Q4: What is the purpose of your Networking Kit?

The purpose of the networking kit is so that you have the couple of basic tools needed to properly plan and attend networking events in order to grow your business successfully through Word of Mouth Networking. We start you off with a business card file to put business cards in, a “thank you” note so that you can thank a person right away, and a laminated copy of my 6 Step Process so that you have a “cheat sheet” with you at all times when networking. The front has the 6 steps and the back has the full description/guide of each step. This is also a great gift to give to that special business professional you are trying to impress.

Q5: What Coaching programs do you provide?

Currently we provide a 1-month, 3-month, and 1-year program. In addition, we provide on-site training and workshops both locally and nationally. Some of our clients hire us to go to them for a “personalized” workshop for their company or group. We listen to our clients’ ideas, and work together to bring a program that best fits their needs. We provide a Speaker Request form on our site should onsite training be an interest.

Q6: Many folks fear failure, what is your advice on this?

Failure is the result of not doing something correctly. It is not the attribute of an individual, it is an action. “If at first you fail, try, try again.” I say try it a different way. My coach Bill Bartmann says that we are all going to have our failures in our lives and in business, but it is how we respond to our failures is what makes us successful moving forward. Bartmann states, “Learn from your failures and celebrate your successes.” We have to be aware of all our successes no matter how small they are…and then celebrate them! We are a support system for our clients.
Q7: I have a small budget, can Emmy Vickers Enterprises help me?
Emmy Vickers Enterprises works with a good number of professionals just starting a business. Because of that, we developed 3 different programs at this point. We have a 1-month, 3-month, and 1-year coaching program. In addition, for the 3-month plan, we offer a 3 payment installment plan and for the 1 year program, we offer a few incentives as well as a payment installment plan. Lastly, for corporations and groups, we have flat rates for ½-day and full-day training sessions.
Q8: As a client, what type of support can I expect from Emmy Vickers Enterprises?
Our clients are extremely important to us. We take much pride in guiding and seeing our clients grow personally and professionally. Our clients depend us. We have made a promise to guide, educate, motivate, and inspire. Emmy and her team of experts become part of your team and vice versa. We work collaboratively for great results! If you should need additional assistance outside of the scope of what we provide, we pull from our pool of resources, and assist in making the right connections so that you are able to move forward in those other areas. We are a source for our clients, which saves them time.


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