Out of the Box and into the Black
Increased Net Worth through Strategic Networking

$21.95 [coming December 2015]

7 Secrets You Must Know About Business Networking:
Learn To Be A Swan Amongst Ducks

Fun, easy-to-read book on growing your business through building powerful long-term relationships. To assist in your success and understanding each chapter, activities have been created so that you can practice what you have just learned.

$14.99 [coming December 2015]

Words to inspire you to create your own legacy

I am one of 11 contributing authors. "Wisdom" book is geared towards entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who need encouragement and advice on how to leave their living legacy for others. I am excited to be part of this exclusive group of EPNET awardees who have poured their hearts out and are giving real life tips and strategies on how to leave your mark on the world. My chapter is called: Overcoming Adversity – The Strong Thrive! My living legacy is one of wisdom (lessons learned), education, inspiration, and motivation!


5 Things That Will Sabotage A Business Relationship
An in-depth interview with Emmy M. Vickers. So often professionals unknowingly sabotage business relationships before the relationships even begin. This CD will teach you how not be a “star gazer;” why not to have a “H-e-r-d” mentality when networking, the dangers of trying to sell at networking events and much more.

CD Only


CD, Handbook,
30 Minute Coaching Session

CD, Handbook,
Half Day VIP Session

14 “years-in-business” coaching special
(May thru August 2014 only)

CD, Handbook, Training
Materials, Half Day On-Site VIP Staff Training

Raising Your Net Worth Through Networking ™
You will learn what networking is and what it is not. Learn basics of networking through a few of Emmy’s experiences/stories.

CD $11.99


Entrepreneurs Network Kit for Success (includes 1 CD)
Supercharge your networking results and generate more money! (A laminated proprietary networking system with full description of steps on back, business card file, thank you card; and a CD that takes you through the entire process).

The DPF 6-Step System and Kit assists professionals; executives, and entrepreneurs in planning from beginning to end how to strategically network for business and professional success in today's rapidly changing world. Networking is about building positive; long-term trusting relationships. Learn how to ease some of those networking fears; what to say when you approach someone you have never met before; how to effectively follow-up to begin the relationship building process, and much more.

TRAINING FOR SUCCESS (includes Entrepreneurs Network Kit for Success)


Training with Expert
Emmy M. Vickers

Training For Business Success (online special)

Personalized training on how to network with a purpose using our proprietary 6-Step Process for Attending Networking and Chamber Events more effectively (4 training sessions and 1 month follow-up email coaching). This is a 2-month training program to learn how to become a strategic networker, thereby, generating more revenue.

(Valued at over $2,400)



ONSITE TRAINING (corporations; non-profits; specialty groups)


Emmy and Her Training Team of Experts will devise a program to fit your company needs.
(available nationally and internationally)

Onsite Training For Business Success

Personalized training. We bring the training to you. Looking to increase your return on investment for your staff’s networking efforts? Are members of your team shy or fearful and hurting your bottom line? Is every staff member valued and realized as having their own contacts or circle of influence? Did you know everyone in your company can network to grow your business? Or do you simply need a better system to follow in order to build more quality relationships and alliances? Networking, Relationship Building, Alliances, Communications, and Personal Branding are all part of what makes companies successful in the 21st century. We listen to your needs and pain, and develop a program just for you whether it be once a year or a series of programs throughout the year.

We offer 2 hour, half day, full day and two day training programs as well as longer term programs. Please fill out the speakers form and someone from our staff will contact you within 72 hrs Mon - Friday.




Vision Boarding for Business & Personal Success
(Group Training or Individualized)

The way to achieve any goal in life is to have a clear picture of exactly what it is that you want. Many people put into words what they wish for. Adding pictures brings things to a different dimension. A vision board (1) clarifies your most important dreams and goals; (2) helps you to concentrate and maintain your focus; (3) depicts what you want to "be", "do", and "have"; and (4) helps to activate the "law of attraction" and manifestation process.

In this program you will receive personalized training on how to set SMART goals and create your vision board for business and personal success. Emmy and her team will assist you in setting SMART goals in 7 main areas of your life; develop a "doable" plan of action and then through a specific system, assist you in creating a vision board; your visual business plan to achieve what you may have thought was impossible. This is a 2-month training program.

(Valued at over $2,200)

Individualized Vision Boarding & Goal Setting Training

Group Vision Boarding & Goal Setting Training

(group minimum: 5)
(group maximum: 50)

Must call the office for more details.

Personal Coaching with Emmy Vickers is available. Please call the office (301-593-2072 ext. 1) for details regarding various programs and package specials.

To place orders for 5 or more items please call the office.


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